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How to not regret any decision

How many times have you had to decide between two choices?

How many times have you regretted one of those choices?

When choosing between A or B, we usually choose the most rational option - The job that gives you the most money, a "career" in a big company or a fixed salary at the end of every month. Basically, things that keep you in your comfort zone.

On the other hand, emotional choices, those which really fulfill us - A job that you really want because you are passionate about it (even if the paycheque is lower), starting your own business, or taking that trip you have always dreamt of. In the end, these desires are subdued.

After all, it's easy to go for the rational route, it is the "safest".

However, why not indulge your emotional choices? For the life you really want? For the career you really want? You can't regret anything if you follow your heart (sounds super fluffy, but it's true).

Don't subdue your emotions, make them work positively for you & follow your passion.

If everyone went for rational choices, there wouldn't be Apple, Tesla, Amazon...